GBA as PC controller?

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    Hopefully I'm asking in the right place about this.
    I have a setup that sound like it could theoretically work, but I haven't seen anything online about it. I have one of those GBA-to-GC link cables (the one for the Tingle Tuner, among other things) and a Gamecube-to-USB adapter (this one, specifically. I also have access to the official gamecube Sm4sh adapter)
    Now, what I'm wondering is, if I can use this a PC controller? From what I can tell, the way it's intended to work is that the GameCube sends it a small ROM of some sort, and then it can use that rom to take inputs and send it back to the GameCube. So is it possible to send a rom to the GBA through a link cable on PC? and then have said rom send the inputs from the GBA back to the PC, and then let you use your GBA as a PC controller?

    TL;DR, can I use my GBA as a PC controller through a GBA-to-GC and then GC-to-PC adapter?
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    I would assume yes but the issue would be finding the part needed in addition to how the drivers work

    EDIT: Also worth a read
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    Did you try it and succeed ?

    Even if not: Did you try the following: GBA -> GBA2GC-Cable -> GC2Wii-Mote -> ??? -> Profit ?

    (There exist cables from GC to Wii...)
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    Dunno if this got answered yet already, but I managed to get my GBA SP to link up to my PC using a flash cart, the GC-Analog rom from GBI, the GBA-GC link cable, and my Mayflash GC Controller Adapter put in PC mode. Worked flawlessly on Bizhawk, with no noticeable input lag.