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    ok, So I have looked over numerous threads & both companies sites and trying to decide into what card I want to get for my 3DS 4.3.0-6U and have a couple questions I have yet to get an absolute clarification on.

    1. Do both carts support "3DS" Saves, such as when the Rom prompts you to save you can do so and when loading again will this information be there just as a Retail cart? I couldn't care less for RTS States and Loads, just the ability to be able to save games as they were meant to be.

    2.Omega 2.2 shows it supports EmuNAND and Multi-Rom, R4i's site states it is not supported but is to come in the next release yet I have read there has been evidence of the R4i supporting such as it is basically a clone. Whats the bottom line here?

    3. I have read 5 or 6 reviews stating the R4i Bricked a 3DS, and a post on this forum as an update on 01/14/14 that it has been noted that some 3DS consoles have in fact been bricked due to the possibility of it being a clone and something with code generation and corrupt file. Where are we currently with this issue as it is now July? Is this something still of concern or has it been corrected or has R4i even made a statement to the issue?

    I appreciate any feedback, I'm leaning more towards the Gateway as of now being it appears they were the first to release and they are the first to update and much has been stated about the quality of the R4i carts as I can see most likey evident with the inferior construction quality of my R4 DS.
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    1. Yes. Both cards save like normal retail carts but the R4i deluxe requires you go back to the home screen and cancel the game before shutting off the 3DS. Even then, there is sometime a chance of you getting a corrupted save (not sure if they fixed this). This was a feature (copied of course) that Gateway used to have before Omega 2.0. Now Gateway saves like retail cards. That's what they mean when they say Real Time Saves.
    2. R4i Deluxe is a clone of Gateway. Whenever Gateway makes a feature they would copy it until Gateway started fighting back with fail safes that made copying their work dangerous. As for R4i ever supporting multi-rom and Emunand (they did once but it was stolen from gateway and it backfired on them when it started bricking users 3DS), its more likely that you would jump in a pool of lava and live to tell the tale in my opinion. They promised multi-rom and Emunand last christmas days after GW announced theirs thinking they could copy it. Its 7 months later and they still dont have it. All of their promises have been empty since the Deluxe card's release. The 4.0b1 isnt even their own work, they copied it from MT-card.
    3. This was a fiasco back in December to March that is pretty much in the past at this point. Gateway took offense to R4i and Mt-card copying their work over and over so they added malicious code that bricks consoles (I'm not saying what they did was right... but i understand) when using the Gateway's work without using a legit gateway card. It sorta backfired on Gateway users also (Although they did offer to repair legit units that their card bricked) until the release of Omega 2.0. As of today, theres still some debate if the bricking code still exist on gateways launcher or not, but what can be said is that even if its there, it won't accidentally trigger on legit Gateway users anymore so its safe. As for R4i, well lets just say they never directly copied Gateway's work again. They pretty much went silent for 6 months (December - June) because of how bad it was. They made no statement whatsoever.
    There really is no contest between Gateway and R4i whatsoever. Its like comparing Chocolate to shit, Smartphones to 2 Cups and a string, Gbatemp to ds-scene :). One will always be significantly better then the other. R4i's lower price will never justify the ball of shit they call a product nor the absolute lack of Customer service.
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    1. Yeah they support normal save method as used in game, but for the save to be actually saved just make sure you exit the game after playing, if the battery goes flat or 3ds crashes and you haven't exited the game the save will no of been transferred to the SD card and it will be lost, card2/NAND saving games save exactly like retail, no need to exit after playing, these will only work on gateway or MT card, R4i is unlikely to ever support card2 games due to them making the FPGA non user upgradable, for the same reason they will likely never receive multi-rom support so it's one game per micro SD for R4i GD

    2. See #1 but basically it's unlikely they will ever have multi rom

    3.r4i gold deluxe are all clones of gateway, there is only the gateway card, then there are clones of it, so far the is no independently developed cards other than gateway, it's unlikely there will be any more bricks as long as the clone makers properly test their copied firmwares before releasing it, but if you want to be safe I suggest you steer clear of anything R4i put out
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    Thank you for the replies! Gamerguest1 I appreciate the detailed info on the Saves! and Vengenceonu thank you for the history on the R4i company and what has been going on with the bricks. I was pretty much set on the Gateway card to begin as price really wasn't the issue, I just wanted to get the clarification on R4 as they have been around for a very long time with a considerable reputation but appears they have utterly failed on this particular product.

    I can see why Gateway did what they did as it's probably pretty hard to swallow somebody else making profit over the huge success of your work and going against an established company like R4i with a much lower price makes it even more difficult so you result into protecting your work by all means. Yes it is sad some innocent consumers lost their 3DS's without a NAND backup but I think the finger is to blame at R4i for their negligence of product testing. The consumer should always be aware these are called "Grey Market" products for that very reason and it is up to the consumer to research and understand risks before purchasing. A bit off track I thank you for the Responses! I went ahead and ordered the Gateway.
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