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    Feb 5, 2014
    Below is our official press release.
    You are receiving this email and the private link to our firmware because we
    trust you as a beta-tester.
    Fist of all the obvious, please do not spread the file. You can release videos,
    pictures etc. but although we already tested the firmware in depth internally,
    we would like your confirmation all is fine before making it public, just in
    Remember also that beside bug reports, all suggestions for the future are
    welcome, abouth things you would like to see, or just ergonomy issues etc.

    If any of view can make video review or manual translation, please feel free to
    send them to us!


    The moment you've all been waiting for is here. Gateway firmware 2.0, codenamed "OMEGA",
    has landed for our loyal beta testers and soon for the common public and endusers to enjoy.
    As you can imagine we've had a very hectic period at the Gateway headquarters lately.. but if there's one thing we hate
    it would be breaking our own promises. Quality and stability assurance has always been
    at the top of our checklist (not to mention actual innovation of course).

    Let's check out what is new in GATEWAY 2.0 "OMEGA" !

    * 100% Game Compatibility

    Yep, that's right. We are now 100% compatible with every single 3DS game released to date,
    and we strive to keep that rate constant and maxed out. Gateway 3DS now works with games
    that are using NAND flash on the card for (savegame) storage.

    * Multigame Support

    We wanted it from day 1, you wanted it from day 1. We finally made it happen. Here
    at Gateway we are not easily satisfied.. and a poor multigame implementation
    was unacceptable. We decided to get it painless and right from day 1 for our endusers.
    What does this mean for you? You can now drag and drop game backups to your MicroSD card and
    select them from our intuitive on-screen rom menu while in the 3DS home menu.

    To bring up the on-screen rom menu simply press the [SELECT] key while in
    the 3DS home menu. Select a game from your MicroSD based on it's game icon and title,
    then hit [A] and watch the magic happen.

    Since FAT32 imposes annoying filesize limitations (maximum size is around 4GB), you
    cannot copy 4GB+ (32GBit) games directly to your FAT32 formatted card. Of course we
    won't leave you hanging there; Using our handy SplitROM GUI (OSX/WIN32) utility you
    can quickly chop up a game backup file into multiple parts, and copy them to your MicroSD
    card in order to enjoy them.

    As we try to stay futureproof with our product, FAT32 is not the only filesystem
    we decided to support. Higher capacity cards typically ship with
    the ExFAT filesystem, so it was only natural that we added support for ExFAT as well.
    ExFAT actually removes the 4GB file size limitation that FAT32 has, so this means you won't ever have to split up 4GB+ games.
    For this reason, we actually recommend using ExFAT on your MicroSD cards. As an added bonus,
    games on the ExFAT filesystem load much faster than on FAT32, so we really recommend it.

    * Game Card Dumper

    We've gotten numerous requests for including a utility to backup your 3DS Game Card.
    From now on, you can find an additional icon in the Gateway menu (hold L during boot)
    that will let you backup any 3DS Game Card to the regular SD card in your 3DS. Dumped files
    can be copied over to the MicroSD card you use with the Gateway 3DS card to enjoy them!
    If you notice any slight differences with existing dumps out there, you might be correct.
    This is because our dumps are more thorough than any "scene" dumps currently out
    there. Again, future proofing our product for what's yet to come!

    * Gateway FPGA Update

    To make all this new awesome stuff happen we had to aggressively tune the existing logic
    that runs on the Gateway 3DS card. We spared no expense to make this the most stable update ever.
    Unlike some competitors, we accounted for this from day one and we won't make you buy a "new" product if the old one still is more than sufficient.
    Updating your Gateway 3DS card is painless and simple. Upon trying to enter Gateway mode
    on your 3DS you will be prompted to update your card if it is outdated. Simply
    follow the instructions on screen and you'll be ready to enjoy the "OMEGA" revolution in mere minutes.

    == More to come! ==

    We're not done yet. Even though the product is finally starting to take the shape we've
    always wanted it to have, we still have many surprises in our hat for you. Since day one we
    have been committed to delivering the best and most feature complete (you could say ONLY)
    3DS flashcard on the market. Never ever have we personally been accused of taking ideas/code
    from any "competition", simply because we've always been one step ahead in this game
    and basically "invented" it.

    As our final words we would like to thank ALL loyal endusers of our product for enduring
    this incredibly long wait. We are sure you will NOT be disappointed. Support your true
    heroes and do not worship false prophets. And as always, ENJOY!
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