Gateway Bluecard on NDS with moonshell

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    Oct 30, 2012
    Okay so I have a bluecard, I have set it up so that it can run games fine. It will even load straight to the expansion slot for gba without having to use gbaexploder.
    My issue is, however, that I want to be able to play back .dpg files on the bluecard. This is only possible from what I know, by using moonshell. I have found a multi-kernel that allows for moonshell to launch into the bluecard kernel, however, it does not playback .dpg files for some reason. It just freezes up.

    I do not really know what the NDS bootchain is when using a flashcart, but as far as I can tell moonshell2 gets booted from the slot-1 card, then when you select nds games it will boot further into the blucards flashcart rom.

    I tried to modify the version of moonshell used in the multi-kernel but got an error about a mismatching firmware version or something.

    So I would love if someone could give me a hand with explaining how to set up my bluecard so that:
    1: I can still use it on my 3DS.
    2: I can use it on my DS systems.
    3: It can playback .dpg files.

    A bonus extra of:
    4: having my SD card setup so that it will also work in a standards r4 clone that has a time lock.

    Then I can worry about setting up a decent looking theme.