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  1. XAKEP

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    Hi guys just want to start discussion about new Gateway 3DS flash card. It looks like a real thing with few limitations. 1. Only 1 game per SD card, you'll have to have a lot of SD cards if you want to have a lot of games and you're away from computer that you can't simply delete and rewrite game you want. 2 Firmware needs to be 4.2 to 4.5 . They're working on 6+ but originally it'll come with up to 4.5 support.

    youtube Gateway 3DS it you'll see.

    Now here is my question if possible. I looked on firmware of my 3DS and it's ancient. My FW is 3.3.0-6U and because Gateway 3DS support 4.2 - 4.5 (I spoke with them about this) I need somehow to upgrade my FW to 4.2. I remember with PSP right on the disk game had firmware and if system FW were too low you had a choice to install FW right off that disk with a game. So is there a manual way to update to specific firmware or may be off the game cause I don't see much info about this anywhere.

    Thanks, and it looks like 3DS is hacked and 3DS Roms finally playable !

    Thank you !
  2. Saturosias

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    Start another thread.
    And over.
    And over.
    And over.
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    Yeah... You are so about to get flamed for starting this thread and not bothering to read any of the various other Gateway threads or using the search function.

    Yes, it's one game per SD.

    Yes, you can update via a game cartridge. IIRC, Fire Emblem came w/ 4.5 on it when I bought it. There is a list of what updates are on what carts, but I can't be bothered to look for it right now. Try Google or reading the other Gateway threads, the link to said list has been posted in those threads several times I believe.

    The 3DS isn't quite hacked, not in a true sense from a typical user stand point. One cannot run their own code on it at this point, you can only run pirated ROM's (excuse me "legal back ups") at this point and the only reason they work is because they have been signed by Nintendo. All the other advantages that come w/ a truly hacked/unlocked console are not there for your average punter. To what extent the Neimod, Yellows8 and the gang have control is really truly known only to them and since we're not them nor do we have access to their work...
  4. frogboy

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    There are several threads open about the Gateway already. What makes yours any different?
  5. 1stClassZackFair

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    I could not have said it better. To the EOF with you XAKEP.
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    Please use the existing Gateway 3DS thread.
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