Gateway 3DS Xfer Saves from SD Card to Another

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    Hello So I am trying to consolidate the saves I have on 2 SD Cards and moved to another heres what I have:

    3DS (A) Ver 4.3U W/ Updated EmuNAND firmware (Gateway)
    (Used for my Imports/ 2GB SD card)

    3DS XL (B) ver 8.1U
    (Used for all my Retail NTSC Games)

    3DS XL (C) ver 4.2U w/ Updated EmuNAND firmware (Gateway)
    (Just bought)

    So Instead of carrying around 2 3DS's all the time I got a hold of a new 3DSXL and used my gateway to get it all set up and am looking into consolidating all the saves from A & B to C.

    System Transfer wont work as I only have 1 set of Gateway cards, and the DRM on the save files don't just simply move over with a drag and drop transfer and I'm sure I'm not the first person to encounter this, I was wondering if there is any solution to this such as a PC Utility for transfers?

    Thanks for the help