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    Hey, i'm trying to compose a decent gaming pc set-up for myself. The games i want to play are mostly

    -Call of Duty modern Warfare 2
    -Team fortress 2
    -Left 4 dead 2
    -Batman Arkham Asylum

    and i want to have a system that has power for games to come.

    My current set-up is.

    Sapphire Video Card ATI Radeon HD 5570 1 GB
    Western Digital Internal Hard Drive 640GB 7200rpm
    ThermalTake Case DH202 HTPC. Desktop
    Kingston Memory Ram SODIMM DDR3 2 Gigabytes (x2)
    Asus Motherboard P7H55 Socket Type 1156
    Intel Processor Core i3-530, s1156 2.93GHz,1333MHz
    LG optical Drive DVR 22X

    i was going for something 670-700$
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    In your case, I think you should get a good graphics card (Radeon HD5770-5870 or a nVidia GTX 460, although I wouldn't recommend the 465 or 480... of that selection, the HD5870 is the best), save up for a little while more (because that should be enough to sort you for gaming) then upgrade the CPU to a Core i5 750, with an after-market HSF like the Gelid Tranquillo, which should set you for a good 1.5-3 years.

    Double check that you've got a good power supply. You'll want around 550-650W to keep a stable output for a high end graphics card (theoretically at least - in practice, there are many weak power supplies out there no matter what wattage it claims, so you should always stick to good manufacturers like Corsair, OCZ, Antec, etc).

    One more thing - I very much doubt you've got Kingston SODIMM in your PC, unless you're describing a laptop in your setup. the "SO" part basically means it's short, used for laptops, and will not fit inside a PC.
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