Games freeze when playing off external hard drive

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by mrt3o3, Jan 8, 2011.

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    I used to play backups off of disks and recently I decided to try playing off an external hard drive. Its an HP hard drive taken out of an older computer that i bought an enclosure for. It loads the games and everything but freezes during the games. For example, when I was playing New super mario H.B.E. it froze when I went down a pipe, and did the same with New Super Mario Bros 2: the next levels. It also froze on me right when i finished a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

    I read a few different posts on this: one said get a newer version of the USB loader. I added USB loader to my wii within the past month so It should be the newest version, i know its USB Loader GX.
    Another said to turn off the hard drive spin down. I looked everywhere for how to do that on my external hard drive and I cant find anything.
    So how can I disable the spin down? or what other solutions could there be if this isnt the problem?

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    More then likely its the enclosure that is causing the issues and not the drive.

    Google HDPARM and look into it for disabling spindown on your drive but chances are once you power cycle the drive it will loose the settings.

    Also try loading the games with a hermes cios instead of the defaults 249 your probably using.