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    As i am planing to mod my 360, i've been reading around here a bit.

    I Read about somebody, whose account (not box) was banned for playing early. He was told to
    just make a new Gamertag, buy new live, ect.
    I also know, the 360 logs what you played and sends the data to MS if you go on live.

    So my question is, are the played games assigned to the gamer tag, or to the 360 itself?
    So, beeing hopefull and maybe naive, i thougt of a online gamertag with only retail games and a backup gamertag
    for my singleplayer games.

    Please tell me this is possible [​IMG]

    If not (to be expected), is it that MS bans based upon the Games you played? They dont really have the possibility to check the
    Drive-Firmware? So would a second HDD with a second gamertag be a solution for the problem?

    Thanks and greetings,
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    no because everything you do is recorded the nand memory chip.