1. blinkzane

    OP blinkzane Panic at your moms house

    Jul 24, 2012
    United States
    this started while I was in the process of softmodding my vWii
    I have my laptop hooked up to the same TV as my Wii U so I always use TV control to switch the source, well, while I was going into vWii mode, the gamepad did the "cannot connect to wii u" thing that it does sometimes when it's acting stupid, so it was whatever. well, ever since then, the gamepad will not turn on the Wii U and the TV control button doesn't work with the Wii U off. in fact, nothing works until I turn the Wii U on. then it turns on automatically and all of the buttons work, it turns off, the TV control works, but only when it's on. Idk what the problem is. so far the only thing I haven't done is taken the battery out, and that's because I couldnt find a screwdriver small enough to unscrew the backplate yet.(this is my next step) idk what to do, I'm ready to call nintendo, and that was my last resort.


    EDIT: okay so I fixed it, for anyone else that ever has this problem, just take the battery pack out for ten seconds.
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