Gamecube isos !

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by goku21temp, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Hey folks,

    hi i now waited a bit how gamecube loading is coming around.

    Its often said here that it isn´t possible to stream isos because the discreads are hardcoded into the game.

    But that can´t be it.

    I myself did the streaming trick on the gamecube with phantasy star online( pso ) and the gamecube-broadband-adapter( bba ).

    You connect to a faked server(psul /which is running on your pc) through the onlinemode of pso and then the program "psul" will stream the data to your gamecube...

    sure it was slow as hell because the bba only featured 10 MBit and the gamecube discdrive was about 30 - 40 MBit , but it worked with some games and MarioKart double dash almost worked perfectly.

    tht said there must be a easy way to reroute the discdata to other registers.

    think about it , this goes out to the coders and to everybody here who thinks disc-reads are hardcoded , cause they´re not.

    thanx for reading
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    If you want to play gamecube backups, you'll have to install a cMIOS.
    Their installers can easily be found on this forum and in my sig [​IMG]

    You can only load GC games from disc, so you'll have to burn them.
    But you can put multiple games on 1 disc
  3. goku21temp

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    yeah i know , my wii is perfectly hacked already gg

    i just often read the wrong reason for not being able to stream from a usb hdd. I just wanted to point that out!
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    That not the problem. When running gc backups from DVD-R, the .dol of the game is patched to use dvd-video read commands instead of real dvd commands. When(that's the main problem!) usb was still active when running gc games, the games could be patched to use usb. Then there would only be a memory problem, i think usb access requires a lot of memory and that's very restricted in gc mode.