1. WW3

    OP WW3 Newbie

    thinking of modding my gamecube and was wondering where the cheapest chip*including shipping* would be im a bit strapped for cash right now... i'd rather not order from psxbox if at all possible... thanx in advance [​IMG]
  2. jdsony

    jdsony Newbie

    May 19, 2009
    You can pick up the Duo-Q for really cheap (around $15 I think). I bought one used off of someone locally with an ICEDCUBE silver replacement case for $20. It is basically a clone of the XenoGC chip which is also cheap. They don't offer any extra features just booting from DVD backups. Some of the better chips have upgradeable firmware and the ability to load dol files from the firmware without booting to a disc.

    It's pretty easy to install. You just remove the dvd-drive and solder it to the bottom. The Duo uses wires the Xeno has solder points that line up to the points on the board. There are 6 wires + 3 more if you want to attach the LED which shows you the status of the chip. I didn't bother with the LED board but might hook it up later.
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