GameCube Backups reset the Wii

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    Jan 16, 2013
    Hello guys

    I actually have a 4.2U softmoded Wii.
    I used to run the GC backups trough the Gamecube Backup Launcher via Homebrew Channel, but I tried loading Zelda OOT and MQ and well, they just rebooted the console. I tried then Paper Mario 2, which used to work, and it rebooted.

    I then, downloaded HackMii to upgrade all my CIOS, cMIOS and other stuff like wads and mods. I installed Priiloader and now my Wii detects a GC disc when I insert the backup. Well.... It used to AT LEAST load the Nintendo screen, now it just reboots the console, that simple.

    I already installed BD and cMIOS 10 with all the corresponding Cios, and my CG backups just bounce me to the Main Menu... I tried loading Wii Backups and as long as I use cios 249 as base, they load as they should... I couldn't install WADS before but now I can, the only defunctional thing is the GC backups...


    EDIT: I've found out that Paper Mario 2 and other baclups such as Robotech work just fine... Zelda is still not loading/reseting the wii, and it gets into the Select Game screen using Neogama with Inside GC settin, but after that it just resets.
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    For GC backup loading cMIOS is outdated. Right now the best choice would be DIOS MIOS with USB/SD card loading.
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    Or Devolution.
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