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    Jan 24, 2017
    On the most of the games have a version number and the version is typically at the latest update already. Does this mean if you download a game that game will already be patched to that version?

    Example: On, Assassin's Creed III USA is listed at version v80. Does this mean that if you download the game it's already patched to v80? If so does this mean you don't need to apply the latest update since it's also v80?

    On the other hand Mario Kart 8 USA is listed at version v32, yet the latest update is v64, so I assume you can install this update.

    The reason I ask is I don't want to use up usb/nand space installing updates if the update is not necessary.
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    Jan 30, 2016
    When you download a game from Nintendo's servers using your preferred tool, it will download the main game only. In every tool, You must specify if you want to download the update as well and choose what update version if more than one is available.
    You'll end up with two folders with different title IDs: one folder for the main game, one for the game update.
    To install those with wup installer y mod, you'll need to copy both folders to the sd:/install folder. Then install the game first and then install the update.
    When you decide to install the main game only, and not the update, and you are blocking your Wii U to connect to nintendo's servers using a custom dns blocking solution, after running the game which needs an update, it will ask you to update. If you choose to update, it will try to connect to Nintendo's servers and it will show and error and give you the option to run the game without updating.
    Thought I've seen you don't need the latest update to run some games with this method, some others will throw an error and simply refuse to start until you apply the update.
    I would recommend downloading and applying updates always as they are too small compared with the games.

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