Game modding: textures,sounds,models,..basics?..

puss2puss Mar 26, 2017.

  1. puss2puss

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    Dec 18, 2013
    Hell-o tempers!
    Got couple of questions about game modding (..other then Smash..), like sounds and textures replacement.
    My console is ready with haxchi and the homebrew launcher etc and my pc already have all i need for editing dds or sounds or whatever,,
    So, here we go:

    -is there any other ways then with file injection? Like, repacking the game and launch it while in the cfw?
    -what format should i look to convert for, to extract the files i need like textures and sounds files?
    -is there any performance drop when using mods? (..other then if the textures are too high etc..)like, ram or cpu performance drop?
    -wich ways to launch the modded game are available? Usb, loadiine, ?..

  2. jbuck1975

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    I'm actually looking into some of this.
    Do you have a file and game already to do it?
    If so what game?
  3. puss2puss

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    Dec 18, 2013
    Hi there! Sorry i been away so it took look to reply :P

    Well, right now, i am modding Zelda and PaperMario (PaperMario only for the white screen in the gamepad, its too flashy so i turn it dark..), and as of now i extracted my titles directly from usb helper's extracting tool and some tools for the wiiU.., and i am editing textures with photoshop (and dds plugin,,)

    Now, my new question:
    Instead of using sdcafiine to replace them on-the-go, can we actually replace them directly in the game, repack it, then launch it through the cfw? If the console is sig patched, it should run the recompiled game, right?
    Can we repack the mod into an update and install it with wupinstaller? It should work i think if the xml is changed a bit, and if the files structure is the same then the game..
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    Mar 17, 2010
    You can repack it with NUSPacker. Repacking it as an update should be possible too, but not sure how you'd go about that. You can also replace the files on NAND/USB directly, as long as it doesn't modify the rpx/rpl, you can do that with wupserver or ftpiiu everywhere. No sig patches needed as long as the ticket is legit.
    - Repacking, replacing files directly, SDCafiine/Cafiine or Loadiine
    - Depends on the game I think
    - Don't think so
    - You pretty much named them all
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  5. puss2puss

    puss2puss ♻ThinkGreen♻

    Dec 18, 2013
    Heyy its TheRealJdbye! Thanks for your reply! Really appreciate it :)
    Thats noce! I didnt know we can modify them directly inside usb/nand, i guess if i want to modify it directly inside usb, i just have to drop the folders with the right file structure, directly inside the game's folder in the usb, right? Or are you talking about a repacked game?

    As for making the mod as an update.. i was think more about turning it into a dlc instead.. like using the official dlc, editing the xml to have it unique, then drop the modded folders inside the dlc (with the right file structure then the game..), then repack and i stall..i will give it a try, cant be worst then if i would wupinstall a system menu lol..

    Today is a huuuge modding day for me, and your reply is exacty what i needed :P
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