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  1. Skitty22

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    Jun 11, 2009
    Ok got some good info from a game stores shop assist today who kindly let me have a go of the demo unit , i am very impressed by it and i just want it more now i went into get prices for some games.

    Anyway game in uk have been given a total of 40,000 Units for all their stores

    I have been told they are limited to take pre-orders for 250 units at each shop and they are very close to the limit now. the assistant in my local shop told me they could reach their limit in the next few day's if the pre-order demand keeps going at this rate.

    Maybe this could be the reason gamestation were so hesitant to change my colour especially if they have a slimar amount of units.

    they also told me that they dont expect a huge turnout for the NGP due to the estimated price which put it above the 360 and PS3 slim units but it will sell but the 3DS may have the edge again.
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    NGP more than $300?? lame. I don't think I'm buying either console near launch, (I reeaalllyy dislike 3d and no 3ds launch games I like)
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    Oct 10, 2008
    I can see Sony selling the PSP3 for the same price, or slightly higher price than the 3DS.