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    So I recently downgraded to 3.2 and I am loving it, and I am now looking into install DVDX and MPLayer. Here's the thing, I had my Wii sent into a professional modchip store, where they installed my Pro Chip, with a USB programmer. They also made it very clear to always eject the DVD/Game when I am done playing. No big deal, however, because I chose to get the Pro Chip, it always tries to boot the disc through Disc Channel, legitimate or not. If it's no good, I get a black screen saying, "Error Occurred. Eject Disc and Call Nintendo blah blah blah." What I am concerned about is I will install DVDX, put in a disc and it will repeat the same exact thing. If I install DVDX, will it take care of the error screen? Would i get a disc could not be read screen on the disc channel instead? Would, work?

    I know this is a lot of information, and believe me this is probably my longest post ever, but I really want to clear this up. Thanks.
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    No. You are getting the error because the Wii cannot read the game disc (bad burn, bad media, bad dump, etc...). Installing DVDx will not change that.
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    The modchip may be perhaps set to always autoboot any disc.

    Only way to fix it would be to reflash the chip, get a new chip, or remove the chip.