Homebrew FTPiiU Everywhere whats it's deal ?

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You get it to run by Haxchi -> Mocha -> FTPiiU EV.
However writing or modifying files (especially on the root) doesn't stick.

Any reason for this ?
I've tried numerous file explorers, sdcards, etc. etc. The changes I make just. won't stick.
Its shows success (even when deleting files), then after rebooting the WiiU and checking the system files via FTPiiU:
The changes are. gone.

I've only once managed to change a singular file (meta.xml), but don't even know how I did it

I even placed my friggin router ontop of my WiiU to compensate for eventual wifi problems... no dice.

Why isn't there a sophisticated file explorer for the Wii U eitherhow ? This is the worst (unless I'm missing something).

Seems FTPiiU_Everywhere Dimok Fix94 *somewhat* works.. Used with Haxchi and MochaCFW. *phew*
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    would be way better for menu options
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    although I have huge doubts anyone would be able to make homebrew that would give support for the touch screen
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    then again theres still people who develop games on systems as old as the nes for fun
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    micromages is amazing btw)
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    I always thought Saturn emulation would straight up be impossible
    Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo: I always thought Saturn emulation would straight up be impossible