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    Happy Land
    A Quest For Potatoes
    It's a port of my homebrew I made for GekiHEN, a PS Vita homebrew contest.
    Happy Land is a game where you go on a big quest to retrieve the potatoes that Big Foot stole from you.
    Don't go into sleep mode.


    • Move with Dpad or circle pad
    • A to select/use
    • B to go back
    • Press X on the title to switch to Spanish mode. It's probably terrible, I don't know. I just used what I learned in school and Google Translate.
    • Start to access the menu
      • You can save and load from here
      • You can also quit the game from here (only way for CIA users)

    CIA users need to copy /3ds/data/HappyLand and install the CIA. (This is why there's no QR code)
    3dsx users need to copy everything in the 3ds folder.
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  2. Heran Bago

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    Nov 6, 2005
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    Cool. Great name. I like the effort to translate it into another language.

    Homebrew is never easy. Keep up the great work!
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