ROM Hack Freedom Wings ROM hack


Nov 8, 2008
United States
1) unpack the ROM (I used dslazy)
2) navigate to the "Obj" folder
3) rename the bdo and BTX files for the object that you want so that it will replace one of the 5 default planes

for example:
rename p17.bdo and p17.BTX to p01.bdo and p01.BTX if you want to replace slot one with plane 17

p01 (slot1)
p02 (slot2)
p06m (slot4)

Slots 3 and 5 don't seem to work, it only puts a new texture on the object.

Here are the pictures for the planes: Pictures
(The image name corresponds to the file) I did not want to upload every image so you have to download the zip.

Some other planes:

Grey p01 is file p10
Green blimp is file p04
Brown blimp is file p05
Black p06m is file p06
Blue p07m is file p07
Yellow p07m is file p07s
Green p08 is file p08m
Camouflage p08 is file p08s
Boss plane is file p09
Yellow target blimp is file p18
Green p21m is file p21
Green p22m is file p22

Some other objects to use:

AAA missile turret is file AAA
Huge 2 gun turret is file GAA
Battleship1 is file l16
Battleship2 is file l17
Cargoship1 is file l18
Aircraft Carrier is file l19
Cargoship2 is file l20

Now you have 30 planes not just 5 and you can even fly in a boat

How cool is that!

4) repack the file and play

Note: if you are just starting the game only slot1 will be unlocked for you to replace with other planes.

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