Four problems with Lakka

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  1. RazFromRo

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    Nov 29, 2016
    I have 4 problems with Lakka:
    1. On PPSSPP, on MegaMan Powered Up (I only play this game on it) when I press save it doesn't show the saving menu of the bios. I can interact with it but I can't see anything except the specific photo of the game.
    2. On Dolphin, I can't map analog shoulder buttons (pressing them lightly) to anything.
    3. On Mupen64 on Paper Mario (only game I played on it yet) it doesn't save more than once. I have my save file at the beginning of the game (prologue) in that town populated by friendly goombas and a toad but I saved on toad town on chapter 1 earlier.
    4. I can't configure any hotkeys to anything. If I do, I can only use the touchscreen.
    Can someone help me solve them? Thanks in advance.
  2. SuperMarioeKirbyfan

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    Sep 10, 2017
    I might help you only with Paper Mario. I once beaten the Crystal King and actually i saved but when i launched the game instead of being on Toad Town i was still near the Crystal Palace. I might have saved state, used Save block and loaded state, but it was saved before saving the game, so saving with save blocks might have gotten broken. If you saved state then saved the game and loaded back save state (it maybe cause a game over or anything you did wrong, you know that you use save states for getting back in time in the game if you died or taken a damage instead of blocking, making a wrong command in battle or whatever) Just do not load state if the last time you saved it was before saving the game
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