Flashed DS?

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    Hi guys i have a little story to tell , i hope you help me

    Hi have a DS lite 4 years ago, once day the case broke in the hinge.....i bought a new case in a webpage and before christmas arrived.....
    in a little game store, a guy told me can remplace it, and the first time i come to see my ds, it dont startup , i push the on button and crashed before appear the "security advices" and all that. 4 days later i come to see my console and the owner tell me "the touch screen is bad, but we gonna replace fr you, no charge" , and i say "okay" but i power on the ds and i adviced some things of my ds in a normal stat don't make...

    1- The DS "Ding" sound at startup , is more accute than the normal sound -like the gba sound :/-....( my first suspects)
    2- I dont need to press a button to enter the principal menu (the advices appears and go out un a second)
    3- The sound hears very low

    I asked if the MoBo of my ds are in a better place, an he sayed no...but i still thinking he is lying... he replaced the motherboard of my original ds with a another one who is flashed....

    The question is, clear my suspects....is correct what im thinking? ....

    P.D: I cannot speak english very well , but if you have questions, feel free to ask, or move this topic if is in a incorrect place.

    Thanks for the responses guys, this console have a sentimental value for me. seriously....
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    A flashed DS wouldn't show a Health and safety warning or would boot up like a normal DS.

    Try testing it by popping in a Slot-2 flashcard and booting the DS.