Flash Games? Before its Dead

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by validhum, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Aug 18, 2018
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    As all we know Adobe is going to remove the flash support in 2020 and after that you will not be able to enjoy those online games through flash, to remind the old times what is your favorite flash game? mine is Happy Wheels and Line Rider
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    If flash is no longer a moving target and instead a horrible mess of spaghetti and the years of directionless creation surely the open source implementations can get it sorted for those that want some legacy stuff.
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    Your post suggests ignorance. No support does not mean flash is dead. Flash can run indefinitely without adobe, it's just that no new flash versions will come out.
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    You bumped a thread like this for that?

    Anyway sure something can run as long as you have the hardware/emulation and software to run (no lacking server components or anything). However similar to how few are making qbasic games in the same way they did in the 90s and it could be said to be dead or primarily the domain of people enjoying messing around the same will likely be said of flash when this happens. If nobody has it on their devices/browsers then the incentives to make and maintain existing games will drop off a cliff (more so than it already has).

    Also relevant
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    Mostly played some crappy flash games at school.. Nothing you could really call "fond memories"...

    Wait... Line Rider... didn't that get a DS release ?

    Also: Steve Jobs must be overjoyed... wherever he might be right now.
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    Though it also means that support will be progressively dropped from most and all standard browsers and OSes, old tools will stop working on new machines and/or imply a very big risk of vulnerabilities and attacks, and you will end up needing to go through some difficult process just to use/play things done on flash. It will not be out-of-the-box anymore.