Flash cart not shipping....

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    Jan 26, 2014
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    So I bought a flash cart last Wednesday and it still hasn't been shipped, I've been communicating over email with the supplier but the first time I admit I was a bit impatient, but they said it would ship later in the afternoon (Thursday) when ups picks up there shipments, it wasn't. Then I was told they had to update the firmware on the cards, this was on Saturday, and that they would ship it Monday and I'll receive it by the end of the week, but it wasn't shipped then eigther. Then around midnight I was told they are waiting on someone to update the cards and they would be getting them soon and they should ship Wednesday or Thursday... is this normal? It is from a site I hear mentioned on here often as reliable. I just feel like I've been told twice its going to ship on a certain day and it hasn't, and that their story is always a little different every time I talk to them.
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    Where did you order from?