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Jul 14, 2018
This tool allows you to decrypt DSiWare in *.bin format.
In other words: You can copy your DSiWare to your SD Card, take the *.bin file, copy it into the extract program and have clean *.nds dumps.

The reason I bring this up is because @MRJPGames deleted the extractor from his Dropbox, and when I recently saw a post asking if someone still has it, I managed through time to keep the unedited *.zip.

So if you've been searching for this tool, here it is!

Nintendo DSi:
1. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20737085/dsi_srl_extract.zip
2. Copy any and all DSiWare titles you have to your SD card (Note: only works with an actual DSi)
3. Navigate to /private/ds/title
4. Drag the .bin file(s) onto the executable
5. You now have the ripped (and decrypted) rom from your DSiWare

Nintendo 3DS: (4.x only)
1. Download https://mega.co.nz/#!yJRDyJTB!4XHklwfVbbwbYNdfqUjvdVIHyo5gPUBfAIf78Hu9j0c
2. Get the ID from your DSiWare (If you only copy one to your SD it'll be in SD:\Nintendo 3DS\<UID0>\<UID1>\Nintendo DSiWare\<your game's ID>.bin) (You can also see it on the top screen in BBB or DevMenu but the ID you want to use later is without the 0x)
3. Edit dsiware_InjectTitleIDinMset.py
4. Change to
5. Run dsiware_InjectTitleIDinMset.py (You'll need python for this)
6. Copy msetforboss.dat to your 3DS' SD card
7. Use MultiROP-Loader and select MsetForBoss (4x or 6x depends on your FW)
8. Go to system settings -> Other Settings -> Profile -> Nintendo DS Profile (If it doesn't load reboot and try again)
9. Select "dump DSiWare" and press A
10. You'll now have that one DSiWare title dumped on your 3DS' SD card as dsiware.nds
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