First time modding a slim 360..

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    Sep 1, 2011
    I've modded a lot of phat 360s with a tool I bought a while back to flash the dvd drive but my last one died recently and I'd rather mod a slim this time. the manufacture date on the one I plan to mod is august 2010, I've had it apart before to fix the sync button but haven't looked at the dvd drive yet, but it was used online a couple times back in june or july so I think it's a more recent dashboard.

    Mostly though I'm wondering, can I do this the same way I did with the phat 360? is there a better method that doesn't involve soldering? for that matter, is it easy to mess up soldering the board? I have some minor experience with soldering and I think I still have everything I'd need (although I might need some practice, anyone know a good way to practice?(I have a lot of older electronics that no longer work/are of any use))
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    Depends on your chipset in the DVD drive.
    It might need soldering or a Kamikaze hack.

    If you want to practice on soldering, take apart an old radio and resolder some connectors.