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    I just tested the latest nighly build (Firefox 4beta04), and found an interesting thing about organizing the tabs [​IMG]

    You can now group your tabs by themes, and show only the wanted theme.
    The other tabs are hidden on a background set manager (accessible from alt+space, or clicking on the tabset icon).
    The first time you open it, there's a video explaining how to use it.

    I find this idea very useful.
    I always have 3 firefox windows, each of them full of tabs.
    I can now use this option to sort by themes [​IMG]

    What might be great and is missing :
    - move sets from one window to another.
    - save / restore the sets
    (Session manager addon can be used in the meantime)

    Another update : they included Firefox Synch addon by default.
    It's used to synchronize your firefox profile over many computers across internet.
    It synchronize : bookmark, password, history, and opened tabs.

    Note for Ifish :
    The Persona bug is still not corrected.
    They are waiting for another bugfix before working on this one.

    They want to add the "Firefox" button on XP, classic, and aero first.
    After that, they will fix the "minimize/maximize/close" overlay problem from personas.
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    Where is this? I've been using Minefield for a while now.

    I have found this.
    This is awesome. Thanks for the heads up. Problem with using Minefield is keeping up with the lastest stuff of what's coming out.
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    Yes, it's exactly what this video is showing [​IMG]
    The current state of this tab's set functionality is up until 3:05 in that video.

    The only thing it really miss (according to the video and possibility) is the ability to apply private browsing to an entire group.
    For me it's already great the way it's working. There's no need to share tabs and groups with the world.

    Unfortunately, I'm using a lot of add-ons, which are not yet fully compatible with firefox4, so I can't use it daily.
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    use compatibility makes all addons works again [​IMG]
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    Not all of them. You are clearly not using many add-ons.
    Firefox 4 changed the XPcom components.
    Some add-on relaying on that component have to update heavilly.

    It's a way of interacting with the browser.
    updated and working :
    DOM inspector just recently added it few days ago.
    Session manager too (oh, and Tab's grouping is already compatible when saving / resorting a session, great ^^)
    DownThemAll : only in their beta release.
    Tab Mix Plus : update in beta release to work with TabCandy (Tab sets)

    Not working :
    Autocopy .. humm, it seems it's working now, maybe it was a bug with another addon I had.

    Even quicker than installing an add-on (which gives false alarm, because developers already are working on new versions, but users just never updated. *true story from my add-on*), you can go to about:config
    and set this boolean to false.
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    Same here, Cyan! [​IMG]

    Too bad, because it looks mighty fine (and I've also tried it, it works great)! I can't wait for it [​IMG]
  8. Cyan

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    I just try beta4 on my main profile instead of my testing/dev profile.

    It's not working great at all when I enable all the installed addons [​IMG]

    Tab Mix Plus is the culprit here, It's not compatible with FF beta4 at all [​IMG]
    It render many part of the browser useless (addon, URL bar, reload, etc.) and modify the layout (tabs at the bottom, Firefox button+menu bar at the same time)
    I updated TMP to the 4b03 compatible version, but it's not working yet with 4b04.
    Even if the add-on is not active, it makes Firefox crash.

    If you are using TabMixPlus, don't set extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b to false, nor use compatibility reporter.

    Edit : Tab Mix Plus has been updated today (august 20th) to work with the new TabCandy [​IMG]
    There's still other addon not working, like autocopy [​IMG]
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    Ah. Thanks Cyan!
    So it will be fixed eventually?
    I think I shall just wait. Stay off the betas.

    But this sounds great. I would not use firefox without this personna