Fire Emblem 2?

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    May 8, 2010
    Just finished the first one!! while I'm new to the franchise, it reminded me a lot of "shining force", which I played as a kid.
    Classes, and even the "promote at 20" thing. ANyway, pissed me off though that 1 character died in my storyline(or rather 2 but one is mandatory) Merric, fucking used that mage through the whole game and kicked-ass and then he died on the last mission?!! [​IMG]

    Anyway, when is it coming? heard its on its way to Japan, and also, wtf is it? I mean, I heard its a sequel once, but also that its a remake of the first or something?
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    Yeah, Character Customization sounds pretty cool. praying its better than the first one for DS, that one was so boring to me, and i hated the graphics, and the whole "Chose a class" broke the gameplay to me.

    (And this is coming from someone who's played through the GBA games numerous times)