Finally got an SXOS Pro

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    o i finally bit the bullet and ordered the SXOS Pro.

    Can someone just give me a quick rundown (or at east point me in the right direction) in order to install and run games in the safest way possible? Ie not getting banned.

    Is it just a matter of staying offline and in airplane mode? Is it a matter of not playing certain games (or types ie trimmed)?

    Any/Al advice would be greatly appreciated. If there i s a good guide somewhere i will be more than happy to see that as well. (I'm new to all of this so please be nice)
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    Do a NAND backup and never go online. Easy as that.
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    To have the least chances of being banned, don't install any NSP, only mount XCI files. If you want to go online (for example to update your games, because remember, you can't update with nsp) first turn off the Switch. Remove the SD card and boot in official Horizon firmware. The games you played should update. When you want to play again, turn off the internet, turn off your console and go back to RCM and SXOS cfw. Still, there is no guarantee you won't get banned, but the risks are kept low.
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