Final Fantasy Echoes of Time (Crystal Chronicles) scan

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    Ok, this game was announced back in a Nintendo Conference video a few weeks back. The full title is actually Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time. Obviously, it's a new title in the CC spinoff series of Final Fantasy. The catch is that this title is actually TWO games, one for Wii and one for DS. And the funny thing is that apparently, the two games are the same despite being on two drastically different systems. I'm still skeptical at that part about them being the same, but we'll see. The game(s) boast Wii/DS connectivity and supposedly have some elements taken from the Gamecube game Zelda Four Swords where you can switch between console and handheld.


    Coming some time in 2009.

    EDIT: Actually, Gamekyo says the game is due out January 29 2009 in Japan!