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    Can someone tell me the right weapon and armor for the four characters you can choose from the start on?
    Call me stupid but I don't really get it.

    I do have them all in party, and this is what I got so far:

    Fighter - heavy armor / sword
    Mage - robe / staff (off course xD)
    That liottle thingy with the spear - heavy armor / spear or hammer
    The one with the paddle - robe / paddle or bow... oO*

    Well I'm not quite sure about the last one, and I'm not really sure about what weapon I could give to my fighter instead of a sword... but wearing the wrong weapon all the learned abillities would be of no use... x)

    Otherwise I gave my maincharacter (the paddle one) a staff for more MATK... >.< I just wanted to play a mage like character, but that... mage there looks strange... not ot say UGLY... ^^ My meain happens to be the best healer anyway... So well I do not exactly get the classes...
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    It's irrelevant, with the exception of some high level equipment all the classes may make use of anything. The skills are predetermined, so nothing you do will affect them.