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    Oct 9, 2018
    Netherlands Antilles
    First of all - Hi.

    Here's the thing.
    I've installed Henkaku on my PS Vita 2 years ago, along with SD2Vita and it worked perfectly.

    I've installed H-encore with Enso yesterday, without pre-formatting it or anything.
    Afterwards, I've tried running molecule shield but it didn't work (corrupt file error) - so I used VitaShell to install Adrenaline and a few PSX Eboots.
    The result? None of the games worked, PSP emulator was popping 80050001 error, PSP/PSVita Homebrew browser kept freezing after 2 seconds.

    So, I've formatted my system entirely now and want to know what I have to do and in what order to get my PS Vita
    to work with Adrenaline, Enso and a miniSD memory card with a chinese adapter.

    Thanks in advance.
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