FCE Ultra GX 2.0.3 Released

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    FCE Ultra GX 2.0.3 Released
    New version of FCE Ultra GX
    Tantric has released a new version of FCE Ultra GX a NES/Famicom emulator for the Nintendo Wii and GameCube. Highlights in this new version is Famicom Disk System support, along with UNIF/NSF support and 480p output and DVD loading for the GameCube version.

    What's New?

    * Complete rewrite of loading code - FDS / UNIF / NSF support added!
    * VS games work (coin insert submitted by pakitovic)
    * Mapping of 'Special' commands - VS coin insert, FDS switch disk (default A)
    * 480p and DVD now available for GameCube
    * Improved stability - less crashes!

    Official Release Thread/Download/Discuss: Here


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