Hacking FBI Installs CIA on 1 SD card but not on another SD


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Sep 13, 2009
New Zealand
Hi I've been getting the error Desc: Cert signature or hash check failed (106)

when installing new games

The game installs on the 4gb card but not the 32gb card.

I have custom firmware installed (LUMA3DS)

I also uninstalled custom firmware and reinstalled it just to double check

I figured it might be a SD card problem by testing the CIA on both the 4gb card that came with my 3DS as well as my new SD Card I got from a physical retail store that I purchased in person so I know it's not fake with falsely advertised storage, or I am Pretty sure.

I have a SanDisk 32gb SD Card and it's about 20gb full. It's a pretty reliable brand and I doubt 20gb micro SD cards exist (I could be wrong) lol.

I've also formatted my 32gb SD card and copied over the data again and that didn't work.

Can anyone help me. I just want to verify whether or not it's a software problem or not. I mean worse case, I just buy a new Micro SD card. Preferably not a SanDisk this time. lol.

Just to be clear, my 32gb card has games installed via FBI already but New games or even old games I deleted and attempt to reinstall don't work. I have already tried clearing my unused tickets in FBI before installing and that doesn't work either, but it works completely fine on my 4gb card.
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