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  1. deufeufeu

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    Nov 21, 2005
    Q1: What do I need to get one of the translations ?
    A: You need the originall untrimmed and clean rom, a DPS patch and the DPS patcher

    Q2: How can I find the DPS patcher for windows ?
    A: The latest version of the DPS for windows can be found here http://deufeufeu.free.fr/wiki/index.php?title=DPS

    Q3: How can I find the latest DPS patch for a game ?
    A: On each game page on my wiki, there is a list of patch releases, the latest one is the top one.

    Q4: There's a bunch of file, do I have to apply them all ?
    A: No only the latest.

    Q5: I keep getting a "wrong file size" error, what should I do ?
    A: Please refer to Q1 and be sure that you have an untrimmed version of the rom ?

    Q6: I'm left with a too-small-to-be-true patched rom, what happened ?
    A: It seems that there's a problem with the dps patch you are using, redownload it. At last, try to patch from another computer.

    Q7: Do I have to restart my game from the beginning if I apply a new patch ? Can I keep my save file ?
    A: Patching the game has no incidence with saving, these things are completly orthogonal.

    Q8: The patched rom doesn't work on my card, I have a DSTT. What can you do ?
    A: Me ? Not much. It's a problem with the DSTT card itself, and you should contact the neoflash team.

    Q9: I'm using your FFTA2 editor and after having patch the rom, the text shows up as gibberish. What is the trouble ?
    A: The gibberish is in fact the original japanese text except that I've compressed the text by replacing japanese glyphs with pairs of characters. There's no trouble at all.

    Q10: In FFTA2 I don't have any text translated, is your translation a hoax ?
    A: Yes it's part of bigger conspiracy involving the national baseball league. Also, have you checked all the tables when patching from the editor ?

    I'll add more questions later.
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    There should be one more question like
    "What did the addition of a GUI do for the patcher?"
    the joke question is
    What makes deufeufeu such an awesome rom hacker?
  3. TSPhoenix

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    Aug 7, 2007
    If you felt like it you could implement zero padding of wrong sized roms when -p is used. It'd make it that little bit friendlier to use.
  4. DarthNemesis

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    Sorry if I missed this, but is there a way for us to create our own DPS patches? I couldn't find an option for that in this program.
  5. Llama Juice

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    You have patches that need to be applied to GBA roms but the program won't allow for it... or am I just an idiot? I'm confused.
  6. Wehttam

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    No, you're just an idiot. JK.

    This patcher is for NDS files not GBA.
  7. Shyvnal

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    4 month's late eh?
  8. Oh...

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    How do you save JUS on no$?