Fan mod for Overclocking

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    Dec 18, 2018
    Hey there , so im playing a bit with sys-clk and want to play for a longer time on the highest CPU / GPU clock speeds without damaging the system with bypassing the cool down function i already replaced the thermal paste.

    I want to do a mod to the Original Case like put a hole in the backside of the cover put a 80x80 fan on it to get the system cooler. I dont care if its getting thicker on the backside.

    So there are mulitple ways to get it done i was thinking about getting the power from the Original power supply. or even put a small battery pack near the fan but thats running on 4,7v i dont know if a fan on 5v speed will be enough i will test it tomorrow with an 120x120 fan and an external power supply wich is regulateable (yeah i know its too big to fit on the backside) but i need to check if the slow speed will be enough but i will better get a 80x80 fan because the airflow is not the same.

    Can i Split the power supply and get the 15v while charging regulate it down to 12 + a small fan speed regulator? will the 15v be constant while the console is on 100%.?

    If nothing gets the job done i need to stay with an external regulateable power supply.

    If you got ideas please share them with me

    Thanks !
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    Sep 18, 2013
    Or you can just probe about the original fan one, find the limits of it and just have it go full throttle since a rear fan won't do much if you know how the airflow works, it's a system that pulls in heat over the aluminium backplate grooves; some heat is expressed onto this aluminium backplate and then using the air pulled in through the rear grills and over the backplate; it pushes this air out the top clear from the user while pulling heat off the fins off the heatsink, a rear fan vs a constant full power fan, which one do you think puts more strain on the cell, count this alongside overclocking and it's not exactly your best friend but rather a quick cell drainer causing worse cell condition over time, yes your idea is perfectly feasable but I'd just rewire the existing fan.