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    So, out of the many cards I have, I've only met one fake. This was my friend's card which she bought during the first couple days the DSi was released in JAPAN. The DSi was 1.0J when I saw it so out of stupidity, I updated to 1.4J to download browser and other new games she wanted. Unfortunately, the DSi couldn't read the cart after the update. So, I try updating the cart with all the firmwares on the list stickied to this section but none had worked. Then I try Wood, then YSMenu which both failed.
    Here are some picture of a real R4i Gold compared with the "R4i" that had worked with the DSi 1.0J.
    The first picture is a real original R4 (left) next to the fake R4i (right). Does anyone have any idea how to identify a seemingly "beta R4i" and use a working firmware for it?
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    I understand your problem but no kernel (operating software) will update any R4/R4i to work on a 1.4 DSi.
    Updates to the cartridge's firmware, which has to be flashable, like Acekard 2i (and one known flashable AK2i Clone the R4i Ultra), which will change the icon of the flashcart to "Danny Phantom" in the DSi menu because tricking the DSi into thinking it's a valid game is how they worked around the flashcart block. Other original manufacturers of DSi compatible flashcarts use different games for this.

    I also have an R4ids.com R4i Gold, I assure you there's no such thing as a "Real" R4i Gold. There are at least three different types archived by Linfoxdomain and that is just the ones he is aware of and chosen to mirror. Even if it's the first company that made them, it's still a (AK2i) clone, and should not be considered real because they are most certainly making a profit from other people's products.
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    You are also mixing up firmwares and OSMenu's.

    Wood and YSMenu are OSMenu's, not Firmwares. The flashcart's firmware controls it's most basic functions, such as identifying itself to the DS and loading the OSMenu. The OSMenu is independant from the firmware.

    All the flashcarts which have firmware which can be updated have a built in a Flash memory chip which stores the firmware. In the case of the Acekard 2i it has a 2MB chip from SST, which allows people to flash a firmware update to it.

    You will need to buy another flashcart such as the DSONE or Acekard 2i.