1. Psyren

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    Feb 1, 2007
    United States
    Yeah, I did a ton of research on the best companies, types and styles of the DS Lite cases (as my hinge was breaking on my original DS Lite) and I decided to go with an Ice Blue case from dealwoot.com (bought on Ebay, listed as 100% legit DS Lite case with serial). However, when it arrived, it was in a small white box and everything seemed alright.

    I sent it to my friend (who has done replacement cases before) so she could put it all together for me...and what came back was nothing short of horrific. She informed me that the case was indeed a fake and that she had to superglue pieces together (along with sanding and other issues) to even get it to fit. (She also ended up supergluing the volume button to max, but I forgave her for that) I just received it back recently and it's got glue residue all over, the buttons aren't 100% responsive, the hinge is even worse than it was when I sent it away and...I need to jam the cord into the slot to even attempt to make it charge.

    So...I'm at a crossroads here. Is there any way that I can get a guaranteed legit DS Lite case (to attempt to fix this up) or am I better off just selling the DS Lite on Ebay at a loss and buying a new Lite in a local store (like a Target, Gamestop, etc)?

    Any help would be appreciated on this (especially since I'm both frustrated at the case's lack of quality and pissed at myself for sending it off in the first place. *it only originally needed a new battery, but the hinge was starting to break off as well*)
  2. Islay

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Did the hinge snap off ? and if it did, do u still have the little plastic piece, this happened to me, I just got newspaper and super glue and use the paper to bridge the small hinge and the rest of the DS the plastic hinge on all DS produces is a flawed idea anyway to the point it is like the paper is fused to the Ds and their not 2 much glue left on the ds, so u could put your old case on and do as i did and it will make it angel a lot better, its well better then my DSi as it will hold at any angel I want now.

    I would recommend this even with you hinge isn't broken, I can lie it on my bed or flat on a table and watch moves on it with ease.
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