Failed to Open Title Manager

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    I recently have been trying to update my O3ds to 9.2 sysNand from 8.1 sysNand. However, i have run into several issues that i cannot find answers to. When i access the devmenu from RxTools 2.5 and try to open up "Title manager" (Replaced over the Health and Safety App), I get an error and i am forced to shut down my 3ds. Whats interesting though is that for a split second within title manager, i am able to interact with it. I can switch menus and scroll through cias. (But only for less then a second) I would like to install FBI or another cia installer on my sysNand so that i can use sysupdater.

    I do not own Cubic Ninja but i do own OoT with powersaves. I have used OoT in the past (No pun intended) to access the HBM on my other 10.7 3ds, but i am unable to access it or some reason on my 8.1 3ds. If there is a way to get it to work, could i use sysupdater through the HBM to update my sysNAnd on my 8.1 O3ds ?

    I really appreciate the help you all have given me lately and i want to say thank you.