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    So my friend and I were talking the other day about how to upload photos from a game system to Facebook. I told her (a computer geek) how the DSi has a built in "app" in the system now that allows for direct uploads, and how Nintendo has yet to develop one for the 3DS. She, in turn, asked me if it was possible to hack the 3DS to make one for it. Long story short, this got me wondering if anyone has made a hombre version for the 3DS, preferably for the AK2i. Has anyone been able to develop one? If not, why? I mean, I myself am no programmer, but the way she talked she made it sound easy. I figured that there had to be a good reason for one not to have been made, yet...right?
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    Maybe caus 3DS, and even DSi, mode hasn't been cracked yet?
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    It's because of simple reasons :

    - AK2i runs in DS mode.

    - Not to mention current carts would probably take a long time to upload anything to a server.
    Has uploading to a server been done? Yes. Is it fast? No.

    - Saving a screenshot of a game directly captured from the screen (if that's what you meant) would be extremely limited.

    Why not just use a computer for facebook? I hear facebook is a lot better on a bigger screen with more processing power, but that's just a rumour. Or from a phone, if you insist on mobile devices.

    Also, I haven't tried the 3DS browser with facebook, but the 3DS browser can upload images to websites...
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    to further clarify, DS mode means it doesnt have access to any of the special features that the DSi and 3DS do.