F-Zero license rundown?

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    I got a set of blank AX licenses online a while back, and I've heard a rumor from a friend that my local Dave and Buster's is supposed to be getting an AX cabinet. I've given all but one license to my local retro game store, and I can't wait to get the one I kept marked up. I wanted to ask if anyone knew what all the icons are for/mean? I assume the medal, stopwatch, and Blue Falcon by all 6 track names are for completing Race, Time Trial, and Versus respectively, for those tracks, but I'm not sure. I also don't know what's with the Blue Falcon Silouettes, the spaces below them, or the Pilot rank.
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    You can see examples of partially-filled license cards here: http://www.geocities.co.jp/MotorCity-Circuit/8346/card/index.html
    For example, see the Lily Flyer card for a little bit of everything.
    • Pilot Rank: You increase your rank when you fulfill certain requirements, such as getting X amount of total Pilot Points (awarded after each race based on your performance), getting 1st in Race Mode on each track, beating staff ghosts, destroying X rival machines total, etc. The rectangular space gets filled with emblems for everything from the lowest rank to your current rank.
    • Yellow machines: These get filled in as you destroy more rival machines. See the Princia Ramode card example for the first 3 tiers.
    • Track grid: Not 100% sure, but I think these are: Getting 1st in Race Mode, beating the Target Time in Time Attack Mode, and beating the Staff Ghost in Time Attack Mode.
    I've never played on an F-Zero AX cabinet myself. I've only played AX via Nintendont (with license card emulation) and I've read about the license cards on a few old Japanese websites.
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    A Dave and busters getting a ax cabinet? At this time? Dont they only get new game? The icons if i remember are for getting first in tracks and beating a ghost on a track.