EZ-V(+) 1.90 open beta 2.

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    The long and short of it: in game menu with real-time save and text reader.

    Here's windirt (the EZ-Team rep from the "official" EZ-Flash board)'s post (spoilered because it's huge):
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    If you're anything like me, you'll have a hard time reading through that; no offense to windirt, of course, his English is a whole lot better than my Chinese. So here's my brief summary of the new kernel:
    • per-game settings, somewhat unstable
    • in-game menu, fairly unstable
    • real-time save, highly unstable
    • text reader, untested
    • GBA autopatching, somewhat unstable
    • GBA PSRAM writing, highly unstable
    • GBA multirom, fairly unstable
    OVERALL OPINION: Stick with 1.86 for now unless you feel like testing out some of the new, largely non-working features.

    And for you readers, here's the long version:

    It uses the old grey skin we've all gotten used to, not that fancy blue one from a week or so ago. Instead of the old soft reset/cheat on/off button, we now have a whole menu when you hit the orange button (or press start). In the menu, you can set up whether you want soft reset, RTS, walkthrough (text reader), or cheats on for that particular game. inis are written for all games to save these settings, so if you really like the infinite health cheat for Super Mario 64 DS, you can have it be on by default. Because the cheat settings have been relegated to this menu, games now boot immediately when you hit A instead of the cheat menu popping up.

    The menu itself has a hierarchy to it. You can't enable cheats, in game save, etc. without enabling soft reset first. Once soft reset is enabled, you can mess with everything else. With cheats, you first enable them, select which type (CHT or ARDS) then open the cheat menu to select which you want, return to the menu and save your settings. The settings menu has been unstable for a lot of users; some can't exit the cheat screen after enabling cheats, some find the game hangs after enabling cheats and trying to save their settings. Personally, it hasn't given me any problems yet, but YMMV.

    The old soft reset shortcut (L+R+A+B) now takes you to the in-game menu, which is spartan and to be honest, doesn't really work for crap. Real-time save is an awesome feature, but it's horrendously unstable at the moment. Both saving and loading cause crashing more often than they succeed. Reset works about as well as it always has (which isn't that well). I haven't tried the walkthrough setting yet, and don't really have any interest in it, so you can wait for somebody else to do it. I can tell you that you need a .txt file with the same filename as your ROM to use it.

    On the GBA side, all of the features from 1.8x OB5 are still there, in exactly the same shape as they were in that version. This means that the EZ-V still writes corrupt data to your microSD from the PSRAM section of the 3-in-1, which in my case crashes the EZ-V, making it impossible to flash games to the 3-in-1 without using GBAExpLoader. On the plus side, if you don't get this issue, the kernel still has auto-savepatching and somewhat unstable DAT writing for speeding up the patching process. Multirom works well as long as you don't want to boot games from the loader that is written to the 3-in-1 for use in GBA mode/on a Game Boy Advance/SP/Micro/Player; the loader blows chunks, but you can usually just boot your multirom games from the EZ-V instead.

    That's about everything.

    This is an exciting time to own an EZ-V, and I'm looking forward to the kinks being ironed out, but for now most users are probably better off with the stable version. None of the features exclusive to this version are working very well, so you aren't missing much by sticking with the stable release.

    If you insist, download is here.
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    i find this pretty awesome because this is a huge step for the ezflash V [​IMG]
    now ez flash can compete against the best flashcards [​IMG]