Experiencing dome problems with installing games

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  1. Huskyremi

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    Jun 22, 2018
    So hy

    Im fairly new to wii u hacking but i was able to do the following

    - using wii usb helper transfer tool download smaller games that could fit on my wii u (8gb)
    On to nand cause there is no on to usb button
    And then moved them to usb
    -download 1 game with wup installer y mod (after many MANY tries)

    First some things to note
    I am on 5.5.2
    No cfw
    64 g usb into wii that is formatted
    Using 16 g sd card

    I download my games from wii usb helper and then copy to sd but here is the first issue
    For example:
    Game and wario
    Size displayed on wii u usb helper: 3.556 gb
    Size when downloaded to pc: 3.31 gb
    And when in wup manager while its downloading (before saying it failed) : 3338.7 mb
    How come?

    Ive seen some videos and blogs saying u need to verify the files in case there are missing files or corrupted files but it never shows the verify button when copying to sd or not even a small window saying its quickly verifying

    now my second question
    Wup installer y mod error code 0xFFFCFFBF
    Apparently this is a top secret code cause IT CAN BE FOUND NOWHERE
    What is it and why does it keep occuring to me when i try to install games to usb (again downloading to usb cause wii u is 8gb and theres only like 3 gb to use)

    There are screens in order of the problems below

    Please it would be lovely to receive some help

    Thanks in advance

    Btw the games i installed with wii usb transfer are splatoon, wind waker, wii sports club, and minecraft wii u edition

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  2. Huskyremi

    Huskyremi Newbie

    Jun 22, 2018
  3. SlothWiiPlaza

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    Dec 18, 2016
    Did you move the files manually or use the "Copy to SD" feature in USB Helper?
  4. emuman100

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    May 12, 2006
    United States
    Why don't you use proper command line tools? Use NUSgrabber or Funkiiu to download the game. If you don't use CFW like Mocha, you MUST use a legit ticket for your region of Wii U, and download the proper region as well. Once you have the .h3 and .app files and a valid title.tik, use wupinstaller y mod. A good way to test if the .tik file is good (but not a legit or fakesigned) is to see if it will decrypt using cdecrypt.
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