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    It's been a crazy 2 weeks here so its almost impossible to keep up. I remembered the 3DS Content section had a "Essentials" thread specifically for retail games and eshop games, so why not one here in the Hacking section for everything else? What are some good CIA's/CSU's/ 3DS Homebrew to have now that we're being flooded with them left and right? (Devmenu, SaveFilter, FTPony, Config, PlayCoinSetter, etc) Also, what are some good games to convert to CIA (explain why if you can). Since we have home screenshot on 9.x emunand and above, anyone wanna share what their 3DS is currently filled with?
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  2. ground

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    well, atm there is not a lot of homebrew (i know, this doesn't help you) but I think it is getting better, but to start out:
    - Devmenu,Savefilter, config and playcoinsetter are no homebrews, as they basicly regular roms (althought they were only ment for developers)

    then now homebrew which might be interesting:
    - st4rk's NES emulator
    - BlargSnes (maybe sound is even possible now gateway removed some restrictions
    - gameyob 3ds

    also gericom released EveryFileExplorer, which is very interesting if you want vieuw models from 3ds roms on your pc.
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  3. Vengenceonu

    Vengenceonu Revenge is beneath me but accidents do happen.

    Jun 20, 2013
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    I know all that already, I was using this thread to accumulate all essential CIA's/CSU's/Emulators/3DS Homebrew around gbatemp so I and everyone else won't have to bounce around 30 threads a day checking up on useful things they missed.
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  4. Vappy

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    xerpi and st4rk both have their own independently developed CHIP-8 emulators https://github.com/xerpi/CHIP-3DS https://github.com/St4rk/3DS-Chip8 xerpi's also got stable arm 11 exec from a Gateway-less Launcher.dat https://bitbucket.org/xerpi/eleven-arms though obviously that's geared more towards developers than users

    st4rk also put his own SD Decryptor up a few days ago https://github.com/St4rk/ctr_sddecrypt although it looks unfinished right now, and requires that you have dumped your console's movable.sed first

    smea's homebrew project outside ssspwn, ctrulib and aemstro https://github.com/smealum/3dscraft

    AlbertoSONIC's binary-decimal converter https://github.com/AlbertoSONIC/3DS_Binary_Decimal_Converter which is made to be a nice reference point for building your own 3DS homebrew

    That's just off the top of my head
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    I think it's time for this to be filled up.
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  6. krylo

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    May 19, 2015
    I just struggle around to get my new sd Working with 9.2 Emu Nand

    The real Essentials are at the moment
    CFW - Gateway 3.2.2(Nvram!)
    Timewrap Browser
    Savefilter - (What a pain to get this working atm.)

    RXTools - ( used seldom bot sometimes)
    Playcoin settter

    A thread with all the downloads at one space would be great - would need this now.