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    So I wanted to give a quick little review/discussion bit about this game. I (stupidly) downloaded this a few days ago while I am and should continue to be hooked on SMT4... I can't stop playing this thing though.

    It's about as basic as RPGs get. You are the Hero, you move around the map with the circle pad, and you have to defend the Witch who is (at least as far as I am in the game) a stone statue in the center of the map. Enemies flood in from all sides and try to kill the Witch. You have to fight the enemies by running into them, which hurts you in turn; there's no way to actually attack them. You will die, multiple times per level, but you get revived by waiting for your health bar to refill (which seems to be sped up by shaking the circle pad). After fighting so many enemies, giant enemies (the bosses) will spawn. The first few levels have only one, then you start getting two, three, four, so on and so forth.

    You gain money and XP per battle, if you lose the battle you get half of the winnings up to the point you lost. There are 5 items to upgrade: Sword (attack damage), Shield (defense), Boots (speed, may also have some effect on health restoration, not sure), Fire ball (witch attack), and Tornado (witch attack).

    Tornado is OP as hell.

    Leveling up gets you more health and more mana, though I'm not sure what the mana does at this point in the game yet.

    The game is a bit Engirshy (not sure if it's intentional), is very lacking in in game instructions (and the included digital manual isn't very helpful either), and lacks a 3D portion (game is entirely 2D)

    Game was $2.99 on the eShop for 3DS software. It's a great cheap game to pick up as a time waster, as each round only lasts 3 minutes or so, there's very little learning curve, and the game autosaves after each round, so you can stop and resume whenever.
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    Level cap is 50 and upgrades are capped at 20.
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