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    Aug 8, 2007
    United States
    A few weeks ago I sent my 3DS in for repair because of contact issues. Before I sent it off I cleared all my data and I set it back up with only user data and no save data. I did this to hide the fact that I ran an AceKard and SuperCard DSTwo. Now I've received it back and everything works fine except for the eShop. Every time I open it, it gives me an error code (007-2922). Changing ISP's does nothing and other internet applications work like the web browser. I've googled around at this and seen that I'm not the only one affected. Everyone else I've heard of that has this error has also sent their 3DS's in for repair and I'm pretty sure they didn't even use flashcards. I'm going to call Nintendo today and see if they can address this somehow like in a new firmware update. I really don't feel like sending it back in. For now you can just consider this post a warning.

    tldr: If you send you're 3DS in for repair you can't use the eShop.
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