Error Code: 2162-0002

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    Alright so there I was playing botw mobile style off and on for about 8 hours plugged in about 80% of the time when out of nowhere

    Error Code: 2162-0002

    Had to turn off the switch and start her back up, within 5 minutes the error comes back up. So I turn it off wait about 10 minutes boot the switch back up and now it completely refuses to even see wifi and the connection with the joycons is absurdly spotty unless they are attached ofcourse.

    So I shut it down and wait for an hour to let it completely cool down. Haven't had the issue since and wifi is working again, but I also haven't had such a long gaming session.

    Looking up this error tells me nothing useful other than if it continues you will need a replacement. As far as I can tell from the behavior it is most likely an overheating issue.

    So anyone else run into anything similar yet and if so have you come up with any other solutions.