Erikku's villanelle for a certain falcon puncher

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    so, my creative writing class told us to make a villanelle(type of poem), and I thought I'd share here on the EoF cause...why not! gather around, fair tempers, as I tell you an art of shits, none ever uttered before, when I tired and...

    Showed him my moves

    When you show him your moves,

    thinking it was your final destination,

    the spike of his knee disapproves.

    Wave dashing, wave dancing, you groove.

    You’re as quick as a fox, you needed no items then.

    Like an erratic smasher, you show him your moves.

    Ah, but your tech skills, you tried to prove.

    He’s about as angry as a fiery falcon.

    The spike of his knee shows how much he disapproves.

    Ouch, that spike! Nothing can counter-move.

    Oh, a new opponent. His sword dances, breaking shields like a dolphin.

    Even this skilled newcomer knows how to show his moves.

    Thinking this great melee for them will be smooth,

    The dodge, they smash, thinking they have the better win.

    But hark! Our fair captain reigns, showing his godly moves.

    Drinking in some falcon punch, his knee spike shows how much he disapproves.
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  2. BurningDesire

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    You gave me ideas on what to write my school poems about now. :D
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