EmuNAND and Puzzle Swap

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    Hey guys! I have a small problem. Recently I transfered the data from my 7.1 3DS to my 4.3 3DS using emuNAND. Everything concerning streetpass is working fine except for Puzzle Swap pieces not showing up. (It only shows the first 6 puzzles) If I streetpass myself with the old 3DS I can still pick the pieces though. Is there a way to fix this?

    I'm sorry if this been asked before. :unsure:
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    actually this issue has been coming up alot
    even in stores and people exchanging consoles believing its a fault

    go into settings under Spotpass

    TURN EVERYTHING to OFF, quit the App
    Turn EVERYTHING to ON, quit the App

    open the App again and then notification about new puzzles should come through
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