Emulation on 3DS with DSTWO - screen resolution

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by GnarlFox, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I'm thinking about getting a 3DS mainly for SNES emulation, but also NES, Genesis, GBA, GB, GBC, NDS.

    I bought a NDSi a couple years ago for this purpose, but was disappointed with the results since lines of the image were removed to fit the game on the screen. The 3DS has the right resolution for the games I'd like to play but I was informed that since the 3DS has not been cracked the DSTWO cannot access the higher resolution screen of the 3DS. I was wondering if this was true, or if there is a way to center the screen and get the full resolution of the 4:3 bottom screen without stretching the games graphics or losing scan lines.

    I'd also like to know if this would be emulator specific or if it could just do this for all emulation.


  2. KazoWAR

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    all ds emulators ran on the 3ds is limited to the resolution of the ds.
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    The SNES has a lot of resolutions it can display. The most common ones are a couple dozen lines more than the DS resolution, which mean that your image will be either clipped or stretched. Normally a little stretching is not too bad, but the problem is, it can cause text to be difficult to read.

    I have found if you enable the smoothing function on CATSFC, the text is readable, though it does not look quite as crisp as on the SNES (not that the SNES ever looked crisp in game mode due to the low resolutions and scan lines).

    I noticed it slows down the game and causes more audio popping, and so I suggest avoiding it since the frame rate and audio are not that great to begin with.
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    i would advise a psp or gcw zero if you are only buying 3ds for snes emulation.